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nytpu wrote:
Seriously considering taking down my website and just hosting a proxy to my gemini capsule, because I really do nothing with my website and I update this capsule regularly. Or at least I'm going to heavily change up some stuff on my website because right now its layout makes it look like it's being regularly updated, which it isn't.

I'm realizng more and more that gemini is a perfect subset of the web that's focused on content. What I love about it is that it has more constraints, but following these constraints ultimately make your content richer. The other great thing about it is that it translates very well to HTML. That's why I decided to write all the template pages of midnight.pub in gemtext, and have them convert to HTML whenever a request comes from the web.

So definitely embrace the simplicity and proxy your gemini capsule! It will feel much more natural There's an aesthetic in simple things. One content and many way to reach it feels like a great way to go!


I found a game over gemini called Astrobotany


In there, you can plant seed and water them until they grow. I love how simple it is, but I'm unsure about the client certificate required for signing-up.

I've also updated gmi2html to escape HTML entities



Happy new year if you are reading this diary! To kick things off, I've extracted the module responsible to translate gmi to html on Midnight. You can find it (and use it) there:


It's a go library I intend to maintain and reuse with other projects.

Another change on Midnight I introduced yesterday is the "About me" section on the account page. It's a text that will be displayed at the top of a user feed. It takes gemtext, so it's possible to add links to your other places.


With all the recent changes on midnight, there's a lot of code hanging in there that isn't used any more. Soon will be the time for cleaning.

Well, today has been the start of the cleaning. I've removed a good amount of files and I feel there's much more I can simplify. Will look at that at some other time.

Yesterday, the pub has been added to Callum's gmisub aggregator

Callum's gmisub aggregator

As well as to Random Road Gemini Directory

Random Road Gemini Directory


Today I re-wrote the manual on midnight. I've been making a lot of changes recently, as I'm learning more about gemini. One thing I've added is the possibility to embed in a page your posts by doing {{ posts N }} where N is the number you'd like to have.

I've also received an internal battery for my thinkpad, and it can now go almost 10h without charging. Pretty glad about that!